Amanda Guillermo — Davenport, Florida

All guys need to be warned about Amanda Nicole Guillermo / Amanda Nicole Ard. She is a user and abandons her children at the drop of a dime. She is only concerned about herself. Nothing else. When her and I met she told me she was separated from her husband. Not the case at all. We were together for awhile. She just can’t seem to keep her legs closed. She technically cheated on me several times when she got the opportunity. As was the case with her husband. He and I didn’t necessarily become friends, but swapped stories of how she is. She apparently cheated on him numerous times and even gave him a few s**’s. She is crazy and needs quite a bit of mental help. Also, she is a compulsive liar and will admit to nothing. You will be told what you want to hear just so she gets what she wants in the end. Unfortunately, her husband took her back. I feel sorry for the man, because a tiger NEVER changes their stripes, EVER. She will crush him yet again and in turn abandon her children quite a few more times causing resentment and a having a pure hatred of their mother. So, BEWARE, she will ruin your life and say anything to benefit herself and ruin your life. Do not approach her or believe anything she says, again she is a compulsive liar and cheat.

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