Allie Emerton — Bradenton, Florida

This woman doesn’t care how big your d**k is because she doesn’t care if you’re white black Asian Chinese she don’t even care if you’re Vietnamese she will suck your c**k this woman I dated for 2 years I found out she f****d all of my friends and she f****d all my n****s she’s a straight-up floozy.

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  1. She doesn’t like sucking d**k but she likes getting paid to suck d**k. Allie is your typical c**k w***e who likes having a side hustle since she doesn’t earn that much when she works. The dimly-lit clubs let her blend in and circulate amungst the she’s-already-sucked-them crowd. She’s looking for some strange from a cheater who won’t blow her cover and who still has a 20 and a ten he can spare, she wants to earn it with her lips.

  2. Allie will suck your c**k or f**k you for money, but she’s not a professional w***e, she just supplements her income by sidelining with cheaters from around town and the local bars. She’s not bad, I’d give her 3 1/2 stars and she would get 4 stars if she were a little more enthusiastic. It was hot in the car but she seems like a lazy c********r.

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