Alina Calero – Miami, Florida

This is the face of a cat burglar. She cheats with old men and f***s them for money. Alina Calero doesn’t really f**k that much because grandpas usually pass out from being drugged before she gets naked. But, they think they’re going to get some p***y and she encourages their fantasy while the drugs kick into their system. Plop, plop, wait, and they fizzle. Then she ransacks the house for valuables. In this photo, as you can plainly see, she took the p***y and his littermate, drug-raped the old geezer for his loving, furry companions. She’s allergic to cats but, seized on the opportunity to sink her claws into these pretty ones and sell them on Craigslist. They were gone within 12-hours, she let them go fur a discount! She paid extra on her bills, purr…, it was an unexpected bonus, two for free, pure profit. She never even took her panties off but, got excited, nonetheless.

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