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Escort reports that Bob contacted her in Sept 2014, and was trying to convince her to date him for free. Then Bob contacts her again Jan 2017, and she makes it very clear that she doesn’t want a boyfriend, that escorting is her job, which pays the bills. Bob is insisting on taking her out for a meal as he is sure it will change her mind about wanting to date him, but the escorts aren’t dumb and she refuses to allow this man to waste her time and forgo payment for her service. The escort offers to go to lunch with Bob if he is willing to book a multi-hour appointment. Bob makes the appointment and then doesn’t call at the agreed on a time to confirm and get the escorts location. So Bob regularly visits escort advertising websites because he thinks he is entitled to free services from an escort. Bon also doesn’t bother to contact the escort to cancel, and he doesn’t care that escorts make their living by providing services. Bob’s idea of spoiling a woman is brushing her hair every night. He must think that escorts are so dumb and desperate that they don’t know how to go to a hair salon. Did I mention that this pathetic loser works at Mc Donald’s, even though he is 62 yrs old? Note to Bob, it takes more than a Happy Meal to get a Happy Ending from working girls.

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