Rafal Aleksiejczuk — Ansonia, Connecticut

Girl’s Beware! This man lies and cheats constantly!! He had full intentions on continuing an affair with someone, while being seriously involved with someone else. When he was caught out, he blamed it on the other woman and said she was constantly calling him, and the only reason they were talking was because he thought she was pregnant, knowing fully that she wasn’t. He completely made it look like he was not pursuing her and because he is such a smooth talker, his girlfriend believed him! Not to mention that this has happened so many times before and he just keeps cheating on her! It’s pathetic really, but for all of you ladies out there who are attracted to smooth and handsome polish men-stay away from this one-he has a girlfriend, a mistress, and probably a wife somewhere too! He will tell you how much you mean to him, and make many attempts for you to trust him. Don’t do it!! The minute he has to cover his own behind to keep him out of trouble, he will leave you high and dry with no regards to loyalty or respect.

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