Phil Morino — Bridgeport, Connecticut

STILL AT LARGE for RAPE, KIDNAPPING, ASSAULT & BATTERY, VIOLATION of RESTRAINING ORDERS, VIOLATION of PROBATION, FAILURE to APPEAR, Etc. in just one 1988 Brookfield Connecticut (Danbury, CT Superior Court) case. I do not have any photos of him but he was very short (approx.5’5”) and of half Italian and half Irish decent. Back then he lightened his hair to a very light blonde and always wore a baseball cap, often with the brim flipped up in front. His hair was thinning and had a slight receding hairline. He also had several tattoos on his arms, which I cannot remember what they were, and he was playing bass guitar off and on ( due to his temper) in hard-core/punk bands before I met him. He worked as a roofer off and on again because he didn’t seem to be able to hold down jobs for long also due to his temper, as well as, because he was paranoid and would often take time off to stalk and had drug (cocaine/pills) and alcohol problems.

I dated Philip Morino while in college and at first thought he was just intense but really cared for me very much but almost immediately realized he was very jealous and easily angered- falsely accusing me of flirting, cheating etc. Soon after he became very needy and showed up wherever he thought/knew I would be- I was young and thought at first he was just madly in love, but quite quickly he became violent and terrifying and at that point it was too late- He talked me into getting an apartment with him and quite literally the very first night we got to an argument and he physically assaulted me after throwing items at me and all around the apartment he strangled me until I nearly passed out and proceeded to rape me at knifepoint-I managed to sneak out, after he raped and assaulted me for two days and then he began stalking me at school and out everywhere that he knew I hung out, worked out and played. He was also very persuasive at making people believe I was making things up about him and that I was crazy, not him; a true sociopath. While I did manage to get a restraining order after an equally horrible and invasive court process, he continued to show up places where I was and the police still would not arrest him, they would just drive him away. He had told me his father had been in the mafia and that was how he was killed and that he too had connections and could have me killed or make me disappear. Aside from his physical violence and stalking, he was psychologically terrorizing me -threatening me, my friends, my family, even my pets -he said he would kill my cats while I was out and that I would come home to find them hanging from a noose from the front porch. Still the police never arrested him for all the violations of the restraining order. He even assaulted me while I was getting into my vehicle with a knife to my throat and I manage to get into the truck and drive away while he was holding on to the the bed of truck for several blocks, When I turned a corner a block and a half away from the police department, he fell off and I ran screaming into the police lobby that he was just up the road and had again violated the restraining order by attacking me and attempting to kidnap me – The police told me to calm down, sit down and fill out a report… and again… Phil got away or I should say the police let him get away – he attempted and was successful the next time he did the same thing pulling me into the truck and keeping me hostage for 2 1/2 days -Finally he fell asleep and I was able to sneak out and since he brought me out of Danbury into the town of Brookfield, the police there were much more concerned and stormed into his apartment and arrested him immediately. Unfortunately I was so terrified of this man that I did not go to his court arraignment because I was so afraid to see him and of the court system let him go with the “promise to appear”. Because I was not there to contest it, He has never gone back to court to answer for the charges and I had to completely alter my life for fear that he would catch me and kill me – I had to leave college, move out of town and completely change everything about my life and my lifestyle- I’ve suffered post Trumatic stress disorder for many years, suffered from night terrors, fears of being brutalized again, etc. I only found out in the midst of the case from one of his two sisters, that he had done similar & insane and brutal things to his previous girlfriend who had also had a child with him- I heard he was so insanely jealous that she might cheat on him while pregnant, that when he went away to do a roofing job for two days, he handcuffed her to a sofa or other large piece of furniture so she could not go anywhere. I was also told that he also beat and stalked her until he met me and then turned all his violence, Insecurities and insanity on to me. I Was also told he left the state of Conn. and moved to Florida back in late 1980’s – early 1990’s, where his previous girlfriend had moved /escaped with their child to get away from him. if he’s not back at, or near his family’s home in Bridgeport Connecticut, wherever he is, he is still psychotic and brutalizing and terrorizing women and avoiding the police.

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