Mark Sherman — Stamford, Connecticut

He is also a lawyer. Mark likes the sexual favors of underaged Phillipino girls, they’re easier to get away without paying. He feels no remorse, they work less than five minutes, anyway. He finishes quickly and runs out while they’re washing their faces. He’s not sure, doesn’t really care if he just gave them an std. He’s infected, f**k them.

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  1. This m**********r is a special kind of r****d, advertising for underaged prostitutes from other countries some of which are in this area near washington d.c. where there’s an active campaign to drain the swamp of predators like Mark.

  2. Mark believes, like his father, that a girl becomes a woman at the age of her bat mitzvah and he wants to marry a virgin. He is just using these young whores for practice, trying to find out what he has in common with a thirteen year old. He likes a few rap songs, thinks about f*****g to the beat. He giggles with them when they dance around for him in their white cotton panties. He checks to see if they get wet for him when he holds his briefcase and leaves his tie and shoes on to keep from taking bedbugs to his home. His suit is hung on the doorknob and there are two DO NOT DISTURB signs hung on the outside handle. He’s taking no chances, standard lawyer practice. There’s somewhat of a language barrier and Mark can’t wait to marry a nice Jewish girl, take her home and carry her over the threshold. All his neighbors will think he had a kid late in life, he thinks, but he doesn’t care, he’s gotten people off for crimes they definitely committed and he gets off on young girls. To each his own felony. He will only have to hide the fact for 5-years, maybe 3 if he moves to Utah, it’s on his research list. He is not wanting to have to register as a s*x offender, that would ruin his career, but maybe if he moves to the Philippines or Thailand…. and he already knows a few words… pervert is pervert…

  3. He probably works for parents seeking custody and fights tooth and nail to get the kids back from the state and into housing near his home. He works harder if they’re young Phillipino girls, sometimes pro bono. He’s there hero and friend and can call him to talk about anything. F*****g perverted b***h.

  4. Mark can get you off on charges if he can get you before the right judge on the right day at the right time. He lets a couple judges f**k his a*s right before noon right before court right before the weekend. Just don’t go left of center, he can’t help you with that and if he takes the case he will just throw you under the bus and overcharge you for the service which he absolutely can’t perform, he’s incapable, it just doesn’t seem right to him.

  5. I saw a young Phillipino girl and thought of you Mark, she looked to be about 12-years old, probably still a virgin. You could buy her an ice cream cone and be in like Flynt! Hit me up for coordinates.

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