Christina Karamani — Cheshire, Connecticut

Christina Karamani has a venereal disease and has had Chlamydia for some time. She eats her dog’s a*s and her breath smells like a horse’s a**s.

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  1. Lucky dog knows to keep his face away from her dragon breath but sometimes she chains him up outside and he howls all night and keeps the neighbors busy calling animal rescue, they get no sleep and wonder what’s going on on the other side of the fence.

  2. now the dog has to go to the free clinic
    probably have to be put down after the neighbors noticed it was losing a bunch of weight and she only feeds it every other day

  3. She sucked me off last week and I’m hoping like h**l she didn’t give me any germs from the contact between my c**k and the back of her throat. I washed it off good and changed underwear.

  4. Dirty dogs, I always see people getting licked in the face and mouth by dogs who just finished licking their own b***s and a*s. They say that’s cleaner than a human’s mouth but look what happened to this poor girl, she’s all germed up and so young.

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