Yoloxochitl Torresdey – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Let me just say that when you marry a cheating person you marry a cheating wife. In my case, Yoloxochitl cheated on her previous husband with me. Yoloxochitl Torresdey attends services at the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Colorado Springs, Colo. She met a wonderful older man and fell in love. The opinions vary as to when they got together, before or after his separation from his wife of 27-years. Long story short, he’s accepted her 2 kids by 2 baby daddy’s and, she’s trying to learn how to adjust to his 2 older children. Co-mingling families is always a challenge but they’re hoping their love and faith keep them moving forward. I attend church, not every week, but always with faith, and hope and pray that his ex-wife can find peace as well. The new couple needs time to be together and sort things out for themselves.

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  1. Once a cheater always a cheater and pretty sure his 3 older children will never accept her. Because they started seeing each other as early as January 2017 if not sooner. In Germany on a TDY. I am sure his ex wife will be fine because she is a woman of G*d. However, no they don’t need time to figure out their relationship, they need to acknowledge the pain in suffering they have cause to all of their families.

  2. Well while they are working it out their LOVE, maybe they should repent for the pain they have cause all those around them. Easy to be so forgiving to her when you are the person she cheated with. And their marriage was 26 days short of 28 years. Had been together for almost 30. And I am positive the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints does not condone their behavior or their living together.

  3. Yoloxochitl needs a man who’s retired and has a big bottle of V****a and all day to ride her hard and put her away wet. One man isn’t enough, especially if he has to leave for work, this is why the b***h cheats, her p***y speaks to her and says, get me a c**k.

  4. I heard she might be pregnant, again, she had a false scare when they first got together but it was a false positive test. Sometimes it seems l**t is the hardest temptation to avoid, it just walks out the door and jumps into a new bed. Not sure if another baby will smooth everyone’s feathers, give something to be joyful for or something to shun?

  5. Donna Jewell Rogers is a cocaine addict who had HPV. Wonder why????? She apparently was sleeping around in the 80s, yup she is old and got around a lot. At one point was fat and got a bypass to loose all that weight.

    1. Yolo’s first child was from an affair with a married man. She cheated on’ her previous husband with at least 3 different men, all ending in divorce including hers. She charged one of those men with rape because he wouldn’t leave his wife for her. She continues to have adulterous relationships. Moving a man who was still married into her home with her children there. Tell me how an ugly big nosed squinty-eyed woman seduces so many men. Oh, that is right men don’t care what you look like as long as you give good head.

  6. Yolo has cheated on every man she has ever been with, her parents brought her to this country illegally. The only way to be legal was to join the military. She has already cheated on her newest husband while she was in Korea

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