Rapids Youth Coach 05 Select South / 06 white / 04 Burgundy

This coach “Kelly Paul Phillips” is ruining the lives of the parents and kids he coaches. This coach uses Married mom’s , single mom’s and even soccer dad’s. He is sexy , charming and good in bed ! Master Con Artist ! He has s*x with any mom who is willing to have s*x with him, he will then ask you for money and it total I gave 8000 and signed his car in my name because he had feed me lies about how he was homeless and taking care of his sick mom. It’s all lies! He did the same thing in Florida, Kansas, Georgia in all the soccer clubs he has worked at! Be aware if you come across this man because when you fall in love with his lies and sexy charming self and enjoy his amazing s*x believe me you will be the one destroyed , he’ll make sure of it!

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