Mike Olson — Colorado Springs, Colorado

While Mike is a very funny, attractive, and nice guy, beware! He is a compulsive liar. You will never know because he is so good at it. When you finally catch him in a big lie (he told me he killed a man), he will simply be silent and say “I don’t know why I do it”. But, he keeps doing it. Also, he stole things from me. 9 months after our relationship was over, he stole money from my checking acct. He must have written down my acct # and cid when I was asleep. He has NEVER apologized or admitted stealing this money, although I caught him redhanded and the police are going to prosecute. This man is EXTREMELY jealous and will accuse you constantly of cheating, though I never did. He wants you barefoot, pregnant, and unemployed. You cannot have friends or family. He wants to be your everything, your reality, your boss. Ladies, please save yourselves. Don’t be persuaded by his golden tongue. He will not change his lying, stealing ways.

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