Mike C Lucero — Littleton, Colorado

Beware Of This Serial Cheater. He is a kind, caring person on the outside but on the inside he is a liar, a cheater, and is possibly bi-polar with a very dark side. Comes from a good family buts he is the black sheep. Please dont trust or put your heart on the line for this one. He’s very irresponsible in all areas of his life. He does a convincing job of making it seem like he’s the victim, a well intentioned friend and a loving father. He’s really none of these things, most of the time. He’s so wrapped up in whatever drives his serial cheating that any good qualities that may be genuinely his are just masks he wears now. His children take a back seat to his affairs, his career suffers due to his affairs, his family suffers. He complains about being lonely when he allows his conscience to surface. But he’s lonely because he is driven by his dysfunction and his dysfunction takes no prisoners. Ultimately this type of cheating is abusive to the people he cares for, dates, uses etc. and it causes him to abandon his children and keeps him perpetually struggling economically. He entertains fantasies of the great guy he wants you and himself to believe he is, and he frequently indulges in the idea that he just hasn’t met the right person to cure him of himself. There is a cure for him, but it’s one he won’t pursue. It involves a therapists office and possibly medication.

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