Michael Pewther in Colorado, Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines

Michael Pewther is the hiring manager and senior director at Frontier airlines.

Mr. Pewther was fired from Spirit airlines for making male flight attendants suck his d**k for a job, and now he works at Frontier airlines doing the same thing.

Michael Pewther makes male flight attendants suck his d**k for a flight attendant job with Frontier airlines.

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  1. This not funny, Michael is really a sicko, forcing males who want to work for him to give him b******s. The gross part is it’s hard for him to keep erection. Suck, suck, suck, come up for air, suck, suck, suck, come up for air and he’s still not erect. He tries to wear a n***a out with his lack of response. Mental issues are another story, he treats employees like s**t and thinks he’s so superior. I finally had to find another job, working for him was like working two jobs and getting only one check.

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