Leslie Trevizo – Greeley, Colorado

This girl (Leslie Trevizo) makes up stories, she is a lair!! Her boyfriend (Alex Ceh) is a lair as well!! They had a baby that passed away and Alex asked for Money to have a funeral… I was friends with him and felt sorry for the couple and lend them money for their son’s funeral… They never paid me a dime back. She says I had a relationship with her boyfriend but if true why is she still with him!!! True scammers for money!! Karma will get this couple!! She blasted me on the internet!!! Here’s to you!!! BTW you thought you ruined my life but money isn’t everything plus I have G*d on my side!!!!

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  1. Leslie Trevizo – Greeley, Colorado
    I can truly guess what grief they’re enduring and must need professional counseling. On the other hand, if someone lies about their son dying, they’re no doubt druggies – and I don’t mean weed smokers. That’s hardcore scamming and is usually associated with narcissistic addicts who feel sick /and/or entitled.

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