Lauren La Spina – Arvada Colorado

Where do I begin? Lauren is a narcissist who likes to ruin other families lives. She is void of moral character and loves to have s*x and give blow jobs to married men. She is an aggressive stalker who will try to make you feel like she is just one of the guys and then lures you to her hotel room. She will shame you if you show remorse for what you have done by teasing you about your Catholic guilt. She will then continue making up excuses to call, text and email you year after year – sometimes in the middle of the night. She will act as if nothing has happened and continue inviting you out. She will work her way into your friends and actually ask them to look up information about you online after you have blocked her from your accounts. She even had the NERVE to ask how your family is in emails. Such a disgrace to humanity. This is a married mom. Who had UNPROTECTED s*x just a few months prior to becoming pregnant? I highly doubt she told her husband she had unprotected s*x, thereby literally risking his life. This disgusting female had no clue if she had been exposed to HIV, hepatitis C, HPV or syphilis. Likewise, she had no idea if she might have contracted herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, etc. I can tell you that someone you slept with had 1 of those as verified by testing, so I highly recommend both you and your husband get tested. You selfish, immoral stalker. You have risked your husband’s life. Your company (Adept Packaging) should know that you cheat on your husband and sleep with vendors/co-workers/clients while traveling for work. Your husband deserves so much better than you. He deserves being married to someone who values his life enough not to risk it by having some other guys p***s in you. Your son deserves a better example of how to behave and what constitutes a good moral judgment. Don’t you agree?

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