Kelly Paul Phillips AKA Coach Kel of the Colorado Rapids Youth

So I guess let’s just start off with when I met Coach Kel he really seemed like he was an absolutely amazing person, an amazing coach boy was I wrong! We started out as just friends and we’re hanging out all the time, I actually let him live with my kids and I because I believe this amazing man was struggling and I just wanted to help. I actually help him get a car I put it in my name because his credit wasn’t good enough and being the nice person I’m I wanted to help a friend in need! Things were going great! I started getting weird text messages, phone calls and fake Facebook requests from someone, I went through this for months! I finally reached out and found out it was his ex girlfriend! He told me she was crazy come to find out she was just a sweet person who had fallen in love with the same man I did ! She then shared her story about how in Florida he was trading s*x for private soccer lessons and having s*x with any soccer mom Married or not that would give him money, s*x and weed! He was caught having s*x with one mom in the morning, one in the afternoon and one at night all in the same bed! Gross right! Well I didn’t believe her and I choose to believe him until He did the same thing to me! Kristi grad garrison was the first Married women I found out he was having s*x with while having s*x with Karsen, Mary, Michelle, Karla, Jess and possibly Jesse’s daughter we are sure on that one but basically he was having s*x with all these women and more all at the same time just different parts of the day! Let’s just say this broke my heart into a million pieces! So people please don’t hire this man to coach at your soccer club. He is con artist that uses women for s*x, money and weed and he will surely your kids advance to his team or higher if you have s*x with him and believe me the s*x is amazing you just have to deal with he has s*x with lots of other women at the same time! I have pictures of Venmo transfer from the married woman Kristi grad garrison if anyone would like the prove of this actions happening! I’m not lying! This s**t is crazy crazy scary!

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