Jesse Edward Roped – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Jesse has spent a lot of money on prostitutes and doesn’t bother with protection since he tested positive for HIV and has had warts for six years. The dripping got cleared up several times by the doctor but he has to take pills for the rest of his life for the more serious diseases which sap his strength and make him feel petered out. He’s a druggie living on borrowed time and likes to stay wasted while learning to be bisexual, he has a mixed friend who is really hung and he’s learning to take it like a man.

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  1. Smoke some weed Jesse, the medicinal properties are good for a lot of things, do some research, Magic is still kicking and he’s suffered his disease for a long time, DM him and ask for help.

  2. Jesse’s petered out, lol, that’s something weed won’t help, he’ll need some pepsi and a little blue pill, that’ll start him back up, help him spread the funk and the drd’s.

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