Gordon Adams — Colorado Springs, Colorado

This man is a monster. He has been through more than 110 women. Each and every one had something or another wrong with them. He will take your life, soul and the breathe right out of your chest. He takes your money because the business that he runs is fraudulent. He will call you names, hit you, and make you feel like the soul of his shoe. Gals please just stay away from him, especially if you value your heart, bank account, and your children. Ladies, he looks good and he will woo you and make you feel good, but believe me it is very short lived, when he runs out of use for you, he will tell you to get out of his life. He has no friends and no family left that can stand him and he has burnt every bridge he has ever crossed. He hates women in power, especially judges, attorneys, and any woman in a position of authority. He thinks that women don’t have the right to succeed in life. He can be found on multiple adult s*x web sites because this is what he’s into. If you go for it, good luck, and keep your children close and your wallet closer.

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