Fourth Street Law, LLC, Castle Rock, Colorado – Chris Linas

Lowlife Christopher “Chris” Jared Linas cheated on Courtney Linas!

Earlier this year, Christopher Jared Linas cheated on his wife Courtney Lacava-Linas with a 17 year old girl. He paid her $500 to have s*x with him at the Castle Inn. Christopher works at Fourth Street Law at 103 Fourth St #320, Castle Rock, Colorado 80104 and lives at 308 E Oak St, APT 410, Fort Collins, Colorado 80524. His phone number is (970) 218-5067 and Linkedin account:

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  1. I think 17 is the age of consent in Colorado, as long as the monetary consideration is at least $500. Chris Linas is tired of his wife Courtney. She’s been in this country for three years and still speaks only a few words of English. This isn’t helping his chances for promotion at work and he’s still getting the s****y cases, drunk drivers (especially if they’re Latino) purse snatchers, petty theft, etc. He got a bonus because the firm, Fourth Street Law at 103 Fourth St #320, Castle Rock, Colorado 80104 overcharged an elderly woman when her mailman had a slip and fall. He didn’t give the whole bonus to the 17-yr. old. He used a $150 for the room and bought a few v****a for himself. He ended up having $32 left over, which he used to buy his wife some grocery store flowers. All’s fair in games of the heart, or heart-ons.

  2. This used to be called statutory rape but if you are a lawyer, maybe you get to plead to taking candy from a baby. The candy in this case was the teenagers’ p***y. Christopher Jared Linas wasn’t satisfied with his wife so he spent a bonus on s*x with an underage teen. The five hundred dollars included 5-minutes of toe sucking and 5-minutes of cuddling. He’s a f*****g creepy man-boy and is happy to get bonuses at Fourth Street Law in Colorado.

  3. Chris Linas just wanted to f**k something that wasn’t so hairy. He’s dreamed of teenagers since he turned 20 and this is the first time he’s broken the law and committed statutory rape. Give him a f*****g break, she wasn’t even a virgin after he got through bruising her little peach.

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