Ashley Daniels — Denver, Colorado

Keep away from Ashley Daniels I met up with her trash bag a*s and she had her little 4-year-old child with her what a role modal as a mommy. She will never deserve a mother of the year award. I really loved her and her child with all my heart, and I would do anything in the world for them both. But now my heart is devastated because I found out I was just a late night booty call for her, After all, I have done and gave her the world and for what, Well the joke is not on me I got smart and got the h**l away from her lying, cheating a*s. She went to the curb where she belongs and needs to be.

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  1. Ash is selling her a*s again. Gotta feed the kid and get another tat. The bills always seem to need paying and she likes to f**k. She practices her slutty poses and sends them out to see what kind of response sjhe gets back. Maybe someones got money or dope, who knows.

  2. What up guys? Wanna f**k my t**s? How much money you got? This is Ashley’s game and she gets better and can really suck a d**k when she wants to. Money motivates her and more money gets your name in her phone. She likes sucking and f*****g for money.

  3. Ya’ll just dont unerstand, ashley dont do it for much money she new to the game. Give them a chance to get used to earning some real money. soon she will be making $20 a pop and she have the magic touch to get to business and make a hundred a day or so.

  4. Ashlee get kicked to the curb and now she gots her a place and she be kickin’ n****s out after she get her d**k. A real trash bag s**t that rollin in the d**k and aint llooking for nothing but money and c**k.

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