Amanda Sobkowicz – Centennial, Colorado

This girl Amanda Sobkowicz Dating Jesse Bavender she was having s*x with some old dude when she started dating this new guy Jesse Bavender, which he has no clue this girl was jumping from guy to guy on all dating sites, be careful she is dirty and she is no angel as she makes his bf believe she is!

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  1. Amanda is no angel but she is someones’ future queen. In the meantime, she has to buzz around and have her petals pollenated, practicing for the king. Prince charming doesn’t always become king.

  2. All is good while she dates you but she will cheat if another d**k is bigger or the wallet is fatter. Amanda likes shoes and she needs her extra money from old men to go shopping and look like a dirty princess for when her prince falls off his horse at the chapel.

  3. This queen is going thru the hive letting all the bees bumble around and pollinate her sticky flower. Amanda loves to suck the honey off your toes. If you won’t let her she will tell u to buzz off, she’s the buzz of the hive.

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