Zoe Robson — Kingston, Ontario Canada

She smokes meth and sells it. She sleeps with under age men. She is a danger to her kids and your kids beware of this worthless scum.

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  1. You are obviously doing something wrong. Nobody would be doing this for no reason. You claim everything is a lie. This just shows exactly who you are. Best of luck dear.

  2. This is an absolute joke heres a idea how about you get a hobby instead of posting s**t about me online and if this is denise I have a journal here of urs and can start posting some of ur s**t online like 5 guys in one day. That’s classy and if its anyone else your ridiculous and pathetic and I hope u realize that. Remove these posts and this has been reported to the police and u will be found out and prosecuted for this

    1. Hey Zoe. Don be so angry. I’m single baby. Hit me up at Benjamin at Sworkit dot com. Download our app too. Looks like you could lose a few pounds. Let’s do some meth and stretch together and you can ride my peen. I’m on this site too. Check out my page.

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