Zimmawu Robert Reeves — New York, New York

Ladies RUN! Zimm is not who he says he is. I know its hard to believe since he comes across as a good catch. He’s, tall, dark, handsome, infrastructure engineer at cbs, mba, parents are still married, nyc transplant from Missouri by way of liberia. Sounds like a good catch right?! Well wrong!! Zimm is one one the smoothest players I’ve ever met. He gives this persona that he’s caring and has a really good way of making you feel like your part of his day to day life by over sharing information about his work life, family and friends. Loves to share this information via text. When a man does that its hard not to think that he’s all in. The reality is that zimm is a cheater, like multiple full time relationships type cheater: He is very sneaky. You really don’t see it coming. He hides behind his work, gym and soccer schedule to handle his business. After soccer “he falls asleep” , he’s always studying for a certification exam so he’s always “studying” or he “crashes” after the gym. Zimm is also very broke. It does make sense right? But it gets expensive to live a double life, pay child support and pay $1700 a month for his dingy run down apt in Spanish Harlem. Well his apt does give it away that he has no money. He takes money from woman, he’ll say its due to child support, IRS or from him over spending on his work amex card and he has to pay it off before work finds out. Those are some of the reasons he’ll cry broke and he’ll make you feel sorry for him and end paying for alot of things or just giving him money.. He’s an absolute fraud at 45 who has this type of energy or time? Some men well never change, thats just who he is. Oh and if you reading this before he does, he takes all his 1st dates to vervains because he gets a hook up there. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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