Yennifer Catalan – Appleton, Wisconsin

This is Yennifer Catalan. She loves to go after married/taken men at her work (Orvs aka Bernatellos Foods in Kaukauna WI). She changed her name on Facebook to Yeye CM. Watch out for her! She doesnt care if children are involved as she has a son of her own, she will still try to break up a family. It seems she gets off on breaking up families. As I’ve been told by many women now that she has done the same thing to them. (Goes after their husband/boyfriends then once she gets them she’s over them and goes to the next). It’s all a game to her. #w***e #s**t #waxyoureyebrowsplz #fat #ugly #youlooklikeaman #gobacktomexico

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  1. Orvs aka Bernatellos Foods in Kaukauna WI seems to be a lot like Hooters ( note professional attire ). I personally like the suggestive tops they wear here but HEY I’m single and looking to see what’s underneath. She’s not worrying about the wall going up to keep her in this country, either, h**l no, that’s a job which will employ many mexicans as soon as they finish construction on that hundred and fifty miles of highway their working on in texas.
    I don’t want to marry her, just get to know her a little…

    1. If your married or have a girlfriend and work there. She has her eyes on you already. Don’t worry. Don’t gotta try to get with this w***e, she’ll go for you(as long as you qualify)…..if ya do hook up, get tested after. Goodluck!

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