William T. Bartlett — Bethlehem, Connecticut

Definitely looking to pick your pocket. Always looking for the next Sugar Momma. He is very charming and sweet at first, but after a few weeks into a relationship with him his behavior will change dramatically. Withdraws physically and starts looking all over again for someone but will still hang onto you to keep you confused and guessing. Highly manipulative, you cannot really believe anything he says. Former Drug Felon, served two terms for dealing drugs. Stole money from my wallet and got me to invest in a business that he then started to ruin. never paid me back a cent. He is a total blabbermouth, he cannot keep a confidence. He is thin skinned and cannot handle stress and is a poor communicator. He will tell you he is not a people person and that is probably the only true thing he will ever tell you. Take notice – he will tell you that this chick and that chick is psycho, but believe me, he will be talking about you behind your back, too.

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