Wilfred Ayala — Bronx, New York

is one of the wimpiest cheaters out there. He’s married and has something like 6 kids. His wife has to know that he cheats on her because she doesn’t allow him to drive himself to work, from my understanding she drops him off and picks him up everyday. She even calls his jobs to make sure he’s there. He preyed on a good friend of mine who is a too nice person with some self~esteem issues. He knew she was in a bad relationship so he befriended her and started being everything that her boyfriend at the time wasn’t. He would tell her how he was in a loveless marriage but he couldn’t get out for financial reasons. He said his wife was a bad mother because she was abusive and somewhat mentally unstable. I know she was abusive because I heard she beat him up at his job one time. I don’t want to make light of abuse, but he still stayed with her. Anyways, this man should not be allowed to mess up anymore women’s lives. Thank G*d my friend finally got some self respect and broke it off with him. I tried to tell her from the beginning not to be with him, but she was ‘in love.’ I’ve heard of at least four other women that he’s cheated with. This guy doesn’t just sleep with other women he creates this whole ‘life’ with his mistresses. I know he had at least 3 mistresses at once so I’m sure he’s had more than 4 women. Even his friends and family members have met them. You really have to watch out for this guy because he comes across as so nice and sweet and he plays the whole wounded sensitive, underappreciated role really well, I think that’s why women fall for him. He’s a womanizer of the worst kind because from what I know of him he has never shown any remorse for the hurt and pain he’s caused people.

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