Wesley Ray Shiflar – Wyoming

Wesley Ray Shiflar worked hard to get with me. We were friends for about 3 years before he asked me todate him. i am a woman working in the oil field and i work out of town often times. He lied and lied about being unfaithful and i felt itin my gut. so next hitch i had to leave town, i planted a bug. Long behold, he was f**king his cousing!

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  1. Get checked for std’s and be glad he wasn’t helping sheep over the fence !
    Those bovine diseases are the wooliest ever types of itches. Was he using your oil?
    Saying s**t like, but baby, it gets so cold without you here..?! I was just trying to de-ice the piper cub for when you got back. Take me back, let’s keep warm together…

  2. You didn’t have a chance against his cousin. That was W***y’s first love, he popped her sweet tart. Yes, she calls him big W***y ever since he did what he did to her at age 12. She hated him at first cause it hurt and she wanted to tell her momma. But that boy can sweet talk and she forgave him by the time she was 12 1/2-yres old.

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