Tyler Matthew Jacobson — Utah

Ladies and men stay away. This guy is about as scummy as they come. Cheated on his wife numerous times with both men and women. Anything he can get. Started on Craigslist, moved on to dating sites and hook up sites. Will lie straight to your face with no remorse. If he bothers telling you he’s married, he will lie and say they are divorcing or she is the cheater (not true) doesn’t use protection and will invite you over when his wife and kids are away. Will also meet you at hotels or parking lots. I finally told his wife when I found out and when she looked at his secret emails, which he has many, he’s been cheating far longer than she could’ve imagined. Will not use protection. Please stay away from This scum. He’s an abuser, and addict and a narcissist. Don’t fall for his BS lies like so many have. Is name is Tyler, but he told me it was Matt or Mattie. Matthew is his middle name (another thing I found out by his wife)

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