Tray Kristin Ontiveros – Eagan, Minnesota

Tray Kristin Ontiveros is well known in Eagan, MN and loves to be around uptown & aqua night club… he is now a woman, had s*x change, sleeps with married men and men in relationships and throws it in woman’s faces with detail. Acts like he is innocent and acts like the victim… he knows all about you and says He/she doesn’t. Pretends to want a relationship and swears he would not be with anyone in a relationship let alone a married man, but lies lies lies as he told me about my husband he was texting him while I was standing right there. She FB stalks people like crazy and when she is told no that he can’t talk to her she send a*s pics body pics to get his attention. Now I’m not saying my man is innocent he had as much to do with this bs . But months later she was still texting him and he had to change his number a d blocked her off fb. Watch for him looks are Deceiving !!! If you see or know some one that’s been with him its really a man and make sure your tested… he is a snake and a fake …

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  1. she has a snake and t**s
    she will fool some one tonight
    Tray Kristin is a reptile
    born, raised one way, now switchin it up
    he’s slithery
    drink up fellas,
    she’s crawling your way
    show him the tender side

  2. Tray Kristin Ontiveros says f**k all you all, you wish you looked this good! Mens be buyin me boots and breakfast when we up all night dancin an s**t. sHe aint confused baby, sHe gettin hers and haters dont matter. sHe be drivin soon she get the right picture on the i.d. A big ol red car that run on petrol and a yellow shirt to tuck into her boots. em hmmm, see whaat you think then

  3. The complaint says she has a bigger d**k than most black men but, like most big dicks, it doesn’t seem to want to get hard. It starts to grow and then gets flaccid again. Cocksuckers finally give up when their jaws lock from all that work with nothing to show for it but swollen limpness.

  4. She’s outgrown the jeans and refuses to get some that fit. These were the first jeans she seduced a married man with and she remembers cheating for the first time. That was 4-years ago and the jeans are still in good shape except for the fit. She doesn’t keep them on very long and doesn’t wash them very often, just like her dirty p***y.

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