Tony Cafarelli – Denver, Colorado

This guess is not only a serial cheater/liar, but a narcissist/sociopath. He’s also abusive and is on probation for domestic violence (case 18M1211) He uses women for s*x, a place to live, money, attention-whatever he can. He’ll charm you REAL quick, tell you he loves you after a few weeks and then BOOM you’re living together and then he will ruin your life. His pattern is always the same (I’ve spoken to many women he used, email from ex included) When presented with plain as day proof of his cheating, he’ll deny it and come up with INSANE stories about what “actually” happened that make zero sense. He’ll gaslight you too, saying YOU’RE the one who’s cheating and you’re just projecting. Oh and all of his exes are the “crazy” ones. He owes me 15k. He is covered in tattoos, rides MY motorcycle, hangs out at pool halls and smokes 8356 cigarettes. If you see him RUN.

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