Tiffany Vice — Denver, Colorado

Malpractice treated us to her own side-by-side photo of herself ten years ago and today, after a whole sob story post about her and Ivan’s “history”…A picture is worth a million words, so I don’t think I need to go too deep here. She didn’t look fantastic before, but G*d d**n time has not been kind to her!

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  1. I’d like to smoke some weed and ask this girl if she’s a natural GGG
    Hot d**n!
    If they’re fake I need to find out who did them
    She must be fighting off attention constantly!

  2. Tiffany Vice — Denver, Colorado
    Tiffany suffers from a mild case of farting disorder, in which her b*****s swell when she farts in tight dresses. To the men who are self-decided “breast men,” there is somewhat of an attraction until you get a whiff after she’s had a taco grande or two! The look is swell, the air, it smell. She can’t stand it herself and usually just wants to go home and change, but loves her some taco smell.

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