Tiffany R. Madison — Isanti, Minnesota

Tiffany is so nasty, trashy, s*x crazed and a dirty drunken w***e. She screwed Jeremy Englund the entire time he was in an almost nine year relationship. She gave a b******b to a stranger for picking her up on the side of the road. She has herpes and the clap. She has had. S*x with over fifty men, and as many women this year alone. She has broken up at least five couples, and three families. She has no conscience at all, takes fists up her a*s, and loves being screwed train style. She is disease ridden and nasty. She’s unhappy with her wretched life and is out to destroy any and every one in her path.

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  1. She broke up the odd couple to,
    that’s why they went off the air shortly after the show was modernized and revised for the new cast played by gwen and steffani and blake. The voice came along soon after the show cancelled and gwen went back on tour and blake is still sittin in the drinkin seat so, you know who got left behind. Yep, it was Tiffany! Anywho, she might be seen shortly on the Ellen D show, promoting her eligibility as single and loooking.
    Stay tuned and hate less

  2. She’s so popular with midgets you might say she bowls them over. She squats and they grunt and pull her hair while they train her in the morning. She sees the gang members their two and raises them two. S**t is starting to happen for Tiffany, she hopes she gets picked to be on Survivor, she needs a vacation.

  3. D**n, Tiff be gettin around like she a uber tramp. She don’t hold the record, for that she would have to get g********d by a hundred dudes and a couple chicks with strapons and need lots of cocaine candy for stamina. It can be done though, Tiff needs a sponsor for some coke and she’s ready to go for the record.

  4. Tiff bought a round for the 3 people left in the bar after hours. She had just c*m out of the toilet where she found that $20 she had dropped earlier after sucking off the bartender. They all pitched in and gave her another $25 to suck them all off before they went home to their wives. Win, win, every time…!

  5. Ya’ll hatin’ on this girl something fierce. I know I done f****d around 50 or 51 girls in my life and if this here Tiffany don’t charge to much why, I reckon I could eat me one of them little blue pills, put on a couple pieces of rubber and stab her bluntly in the mouth. I’m gettin’ to old for f****n” but I wouldn’t mind being number 101 or 103 and getting a BJ from her pretty little lips.

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