Tanya Hardin — Hampton, Tennessee

Tanya Hardin cheated with a man that had been married for almost as long as she has been alive, all while she was married too. She was a nurse and the man was a patient of her’s. She became his friend on Facebook and pursued a relationship with him for for 6 months before being caught in public with him. She even had this man assist in coaching her son’s golf team at the school where her husband worked! This man has grandchildren the same age as her children! After being caught and his wife moving out she moved into the home he shared with his wife of 35+ years! She has no respect for the commitment of marriage! Granted the man is at fault to and is lying, cheat as well. He has completely abandoned his family for this piece of work and neither show any remorse for their actions. Beware if she is your husbands nurse in Johnson City!!!

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  1. You know what thye say about nurses, they can be pricky! Now if she get little or none at home and she stand on her feet and work all day shes gonna want to kick her feet up when she gets home. If shes not married to her cousin and she earns her own money then she has a right to kick up her feet whereever she wants to. It’s the kids who will need therapy at some point but hey she’s got a job an d all parents aren’t perfect.
    Send more pics!

  2. Tanya got a nice house for her and the kid. She’ll be happier when the redecorating is finished and she can invite all her and ther exes to see what a nice job she’s done with the place.
    Sidenote: Her son’s golf swing has really improved and that is the only reason her new grandpa is not sleeping on the couch. He better keep his chin up and keep that little putter stroking.

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