Stephen Kan – Lexington, Kentucky

Another Seeking Arrangement “sugar daddy”. He offers $250 per meet up but won’t dish out any cash until you have s*x with him. Comes off as charming but it turns out he has a girlfriend in another state. Beware ladies!

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  1. My brother just got from date with this gangster and says he now offers up to $500 per hookup, half up front! As soon as Stephen pulled down his pants in rest area, my dude punched him in face, took money and ran to another car and fled the scene. When they counted money it was only $185! Stephen is a liar and don’t even have $250
    Watch out ya’ll
    Stephen have to go to bank or he don’t have no money
    don’t fall for his lies

  2. Stephen Kan – Lexington, Kentucky
    Stephen now has an ad posted looking for Sugar Dummies, cash is dispensed after you have s*x with him. He wants to be called daddy and you need to wear a diaper and suck a bottle and then suck him while looking up at him and batting your eyelashes. If you do a good job he will give you a pack of cigarettes a stick of gum and invite you back for more. And that’s when he promises to have some cash on hand. See you next time…dummie. He uses many different variants of this ruse, but sticks to the part about you getting paid next time. This is all common knowledge in a local crack house, just one of which he recruits from. He pays more if you do things in diapers.

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