Stephanie Mulford — New York

Stephanie Mulford, mid 30’s, living in Upper east side, who was married and has two children. Stephanie Mulford sent her son to Japanese school. There, Stephanie Mulford made an inappropriate sexual advances to her son’s classmate’s father at school by taking advantage of dropping off and picking up kids from school. Not only she deceived her affair’s wife whom she sees at school but she cheated her husband, lied to her husband to hire a babysitter, and leave her kids to the babysitter to have an extramarital affair. Her affair’s wife’s credit card was used to buy Stephanie Mulford’s coffee at a date and the woman’s car was used to drive Stephanie Mulford. She made an inappropriate sexual advance saying such as “ I may consider sit on your face.” Stephanie Mulford dare admit her extramarital affair in face of her affair’s wife but no remorse which was witnessed by other people in the bus. Other families of the school concerned her inappropriate sexual advance to other father and she was kicked out of the school. All moms were disgusted her immoral and unethical, even still illegal behavior at school. Although her husband found out her extra marital affair and he tried to work out with her, she kept lying and cheating him. Stephanie Mulford destroyed her affair’s family completely with no remorse. Stephanie Mulford manipulated her affair to get divorce and assisted the divorce process. She completely destroyed the family. The other family is now single mother and a child. The report was made to the Bar association about her inappropriate unethical immoral illegal conduct.

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