Sophie Barrett — Chattanooga, Tennessee

Sophie Barrett befriended me to continue a relationship that she had with my husband. I trusted both my husband and Sophie. I never suspected a thing. Until I was finally told the truth by a mutual friend. My husband admitted it. But Sophie is such a lying s**t, she still denied it!! A true w***e never tells!

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  1. Sophie Barrett dresses very colorfully and has been known to sniff where she shouldn’t, in other women’s closets. Chattanooga, Tennessee is getting a bad rap from Sophie and two of her friends, one of which she had a threesome with and then denied it when she sobered up the next afternoon. She thought she could lie her way out of it but, in this world, there are cameras everywhere. I saw a picture, on a classmates phone, showing her sandwiched between her ex roomie and her boytoy. Her makeup was smeared and she had drool or something on the corner of her mouth. Don joking suggested he should upload it somewhere, somewhere everyone could see it. I don’t think he did, at least he didn’t tell me where.

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