Sidney Burch — Bronx, New York

This idiot is a sociopath. He is such a loser. He has been in jail for armed robbery that he set up himself and got caught. He set fire to an old girlfriend’s apartment when she threatened to leave him. He told details of how he did it and ran. He is physically abusive and very manipulative. He will try to convince you that it isn’t abuse and that it’s your fault. He is the product of a mother who was addicted to crack and a father who died from a drug overdose. He has unresolved issues from his past that he is acting on. He has an extreme anger problem. He lashes out at just about anybody including his family, especially his sisters. Which leads me to believe he has issues with women. He is extremely homophobic {which makes you think}. He doesn’t have a job and receives benefits from welfare because of his mental incapacities. He has a spider tatted on his chest and is very short, like 5ft4 tall. He is on myspace under the name Equon. He preys on Hispanic females. He has warrants for his arrest in several states. If you type in his name in a google search information from his court case will show. He loves to leave threatening messages {i.e. I’m gon’ kill you b***h} by phone. Beware of this a*****e. He is VERY disrespectful and wants to get married and have kids. PLEASE don’t get tangled in his web of lies!

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