Sarah Koons – Atlantic, New Jersey

This is Sarah Koons. She’s from Egg Harbor, New Jersey and she’s been bartending at Caroline’s for over 10 years. She’s chubby and stinks up the place. Someone give this S***k a memo: wash your pu$$y you fat sl0re!

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  1. Sarah Koons used to be a model for locally owned businesses like Egg Harbor Yachts, on the edge of town, and others. She grew up using a lot of makeup and just naturally carried this over into her adult life. We’re all creatures of habit. The gig with the boat company faded and she started tending bar at Caroline’s. This has worked out okay for her and she was allowed to wear as much makeup as she wanted since its’ dimly lit and used to be filled with smoke before the new ordinance was passed just after she started working there. Several people have told her she doesn’t need to wear so much eyeliner, it detracts from her pretty eyes, but she’s not convinced and old habits continue.
    She’s thinking of washing it off but isn’t sure. She loves the smell of the ocean and look wistfully off to the east, wondering what to do next.

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