Sammy Ahmad — Flushing Queens, New York

is stupid as h**l, he is possessive, abusive, ugly, dirty and all around gay! Run a background check on this winner! He beats his girlfriends, sleeps with she~males and hookers. He will act really jealous because this gives him an excuse to screw around. He drools when he talks eats like a pig and has a really bad drug problem. Don’t waste your time, money or effort. He is just a cruel person who never accepts responsibility for his actions…he will call you 1000 times a day and text you double just to tell you he loves you one minute and how he hates you the next. WHATEVER HE SAYS DO NOT TRUST HIM! There is nothing more disgusting than a junkie who hits woman and sleeps with hookers. Everything is about s*x for him for a reason because that is all he is after…he hates women and will destroy you by trying to make you feel bad that he hasn’t found love and how he tries so hard! If you do get into it and it fails…I TOLD YOU SO!

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