Rodney Boudwin — Louisiana

I have been with this man since 1998. He raised my daughters. I have loved him faithfully. He went to work in Cebu, Phillippines {bc of his job} in April 2012. There he met a girl who was a waitress at a tourist restaurant. He told her he was married and only there for five days. They had s*x and he has been having an online affair with her since. They use kakaotalk to communicate. Let me say that this girl is 26, the same age as his son. She also has a web page looking for a man on Id: 133791, Quenie Ursal. This woman has brain washed him. She is a mail order bride. My husband had erectile dysfunction before he went there and he couldn’t perform with her. Since then he has been getting healthier and even taking testosterone shots. She told him its ok to still have s*x with your wife because that’s your obligation. Duh! what does she have to loose. This guy is bad news. He wants to start over every five years or so with somebody new. It was mainly cocaine use in the past but another woman was always involved. Now our daughters are moved out and its supposed to be our time together. Instead he prefers to change his whole life. work for two months and then spend a month in Cebu with her. she also has a young daughter he will be willing to adopt. Even told her he wanted children with her. She knows he makes good money. These woman overseas are so desperate to get to USA. He said the advertisement isn’t active but if you look it up , she is there. If you meet him, stay away. He is a very good liar and manipulator. I shouldn’t give a s***. She goes to Southwestern University in Cebu City. I have her number and email. This won’t last so if you meet Rodney Boudwin who works at Edison Chouest Offshore stay away. He will prob make the moves on someone in Galliano, Houma or surrounding areas to get laid before he will go to Cebu. after all she says its ok for him to have s*x. L***O. STAY AWAY FROM HIM PLEASE TRUST ME. let me say that I didn’t find out about this till a year later. during that time we went on vacations, concerts, and many family events all while he was talking to her. he works two weeks on and one off. the two weeks he is gone he is talking to her. then came home to his family.

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