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Robyn Simonetti — Staten Island, New York

Where do I begin? This girl played me and played a friend of mine too and gets the boyfriend to feel bad for her after what she does. Robyn is 26 in Staten Island NY. She had a bf Marc or marco from what I found out. He’s a nice guy too I heard from a friend of mine who got jammed up. I met her on a website for dating anonymously in NY. She acted like she was in some horrible relationship and her fiancé was gay and didn’t want her. And how she’s partially deaf and all sob stories . She’s an Italian guidette brat. Typical nonsense. My buddy even was friends w the bf whiles back and claimed he had an inclination of her cheating so what Marc did was , made my pal text her to test her faithfulness and she ended up being a HOEEE and saying she wanted to bang him and suck him behind marcs back . Marc was broken and cried and my pal consoled him and they went out for drinks etc . THEN Robyn apologized and manipulated Marc to come back to her but didn’t want his parents looking at her wrong , so she begged him to go along with a little story how my pal flirted with her without Marcos consent the WHOLE time and Marc went along with it to keep her and keep his nice parents believing Robyn was the good little deaf girl. Disgusting . She is an evil person and a liar and knows how to turn people. She played me and my friend and needs to be outted.

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