Rikka Alviot — La Union, Philippines

I am a legitimate spouse and working in a lofty organization. In my working zone unlawful undertakings resemble a typical thing. Individuals are swindling their family even their couple are with them. I chose to compose on this page since I feel frustrated about the first family in view of one of the most exceedingly terrible ladies I have ever known Rikka C. Alviar. The spouse is simply keeping mum on the circumstance yet I realize it executes her inside. She was a not too bad lady and I truly appreciate her for her quality. She didn’t put her significant other on disgraced despite what he had done to her. In the interim this lady is caught up with posting about her issue in Facebook about her issue. She is flaunting that the man she take’s from an OK lady is with him now. I am simply observing every one of the ladies in our office and I will put them one by one on this page. My mother was additionally a casualty of this disgraceful individual, and I saw her crying alone and battling for our family. The world is changing and it is extremely startling. I generally petition G*d to ward off my family from these sort of individuals. Much appreciated, Concern lawful spouse.

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