Richard Brown — Wichita, Kansas

At first, this silver~tongued~devil my have you thinking he is husband material, but don’t be fooled. He starts by buying things for you and your friends and as soon as he has won over your friends and your heart he changes. He becomes needy and unreasonably jealous. He deletes people’s numbers out of your phone just because he doesn’t want you talking to them. After the jealousy comes the compulsive lying. He lies about insignificant things like how much money he makes, who his friends are and everything in between. Every time he does something that makes you want to end the relationship he somehow turns everything around and makes it your fault and then continues to guilt you into taking him back. He always seems to say the right things and convinces you to do what he wants by making you feel bad and pointing out all your faults. Beware of this guy. He does whatever it takes to manipulate a girl and is not above breaking her down emotionally by tearing down her self~esteem. He will find your weakness and exploit it

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