Rachel Harrill — Vonore, Tennessee

This woman Rachel Harrill acts all sweet and innocent when in reality she’s nothing but a liar and a cheater. She was married to a man that she manipulated into having kids with. After a few years she then seduced me into thinking she was a lesbian and just used her poor husband for his house because she wanted kids. She cheated on him for years with me telling him we were just friends, best friends. All while we met up with people and other girls for fun. Skip through to where my child and I moved into the ex-husbands house. She starts hanging with a new group who doesn’t know about us because it was always a secret. She puts us out and is now with a couple having threesomes. All while she stills babysits all these kids in the area. No one has a clue to the true manipulative woman she is. Her words were your just like my ex husband, I got what I wanted so now you can go…

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