Professor Catherine Wilkins | David Brodosi

Professor Catherine Wilkins | David Brodosi



Adultery Ruins Lives!
Sexual Harassment Needs to Stop!



“Mr. Brodosi (uses his) state-owned work computers to view (and send to female employees) p*********y during business hours.”


“During this … conversation, he (David Brodosi) directed me toward a website which featured adult fiction of an erotic nature. He (David Brodosi) asked me to read a story aloud to him … and I complied. When I concluded, he (David Brodosi) said that he enjoyed it to the point of climax.”

“His (David Brodosi’s) pants were unzipped, and his (David Brodosi’s) p***s exposed. He (David Brodosi) pressed his (David Brodosi’s) p***s to my mouth, and the pressure opened my mouth.”

“I certainly did not expect such an abuse of power. I feel that Mr. Brodosi has no right to be in a position of authority, and I ask the court to please ensure that he is never permitted to trifle with the life of another of his employees ever again.”


Billie Dziech, a professor of English at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio and an expert on sexual harassment on college campuses, argues that even if an abuser has changed over time, they are not absolved of responsibility for acts committed decades ago. “I have a moral responsibility to the young people I teach,” she says. “I don’t care if I did damage 10, 20 years ago: What I do today and what I did yesterday matters.”


(Associate Director, Online Learning & Instructional Technology Services)


David’s Bio

David Brodosi is 46 years old and was born on 08/29/1972. David’s Reputation Score is (CHEATER, ADULTERER, SEXUAL HARASSER, CREEPY). David Brodosi lives in Saint Petersburg, FL; previous city include Pinellas Park FL. Other names that David uses includes David Wynne Brodosi, David W Brodosi and Dave Wynne Brodosi. Personal details about David include: political affiliation is currently a registered Democrat; ethnicity is Caucasian; and religious views are listed as Christian. David is married.


Written by Catherine Wilkins about David Brodosi:

“During this phone conversation, he (David Brodosi) directed me toward a web site which featured adult fiction of an erotic nature. He (David Brodosi) asked me to read a story aloud to him on the phone, and I complied. When I concluded, he (David Brodosi) said that he enjoyed it to the point of climax.”

“His pants were unzipped, and his p***s exposed. He pressed his p***s to my mouth, and the pressure opened my mouth.”

“His (David Brodosi’s) pants were unzipped, and his (David Brodosi’s) p***s exposed. He (David Brodosi) pressed his (David Brodosi’s) p***s to my mouth, and the pressure opened my mouth.”

“I certainly did not expect such an abuse of power. I feel that Mr. Brodosi has no right to be in a position of authority, and I ask the court to please ensure that he is never permitted to trifle with the life of another of his employees ever again.”


I began my personal relationship with Mr. David Brodosi approximately January 15, 2000. He had been my supervisor in the audio/visual department of the Nelson Poynter Library since approximately May 1, 1999. Until approximately January 15, 2000, the relationship between Mr. Brodosi and myself had been strictly professional, although the environment of the office was rather relaxed, and Mr. Brodosi frequently exchanged lewd and inappropriate banter with staff members other than myself. In fact, it had come to my attention prior to the date of January 15, 2000 that several full-time staff members, including Gerald Notaro, Robert McKenzie, Daniel Richards and Mr. Brodosi, used their state-owned work computers to view p*********y during business hours.

On or about January 10, 2000, Mr. Brodosi approached me privately at work and stated that he had noticed a recent change in my personality, and inquired about my well-being. He seemed concerned, and I believed that I could trust Mr. Brodosi as a figure of authority. Therefore, I confided in him that I had been experiencing some difficulties in a romantic relationship. Mr. Brodosi sympathized with my feelings and explained that he was in a similar situation. We began to talk on a more personal level, like friends instead of employer and employee.

On or about February 1, 2000, the nature of the relationship between Mr. Brodosi and myself developed once again. He alluded, via e-mail, that he would like to be more than just friends. He stated that he found me attractive and interesting and would like to be “closer” to me. Initially, I found his compliment flattering, but my feelings began to change as Mr. Brodosi began sending me some sexually explicit e-mail messages. These messages described a vulgar l**t, and were confusing to me. My emotions were conflicted, because I felt that on some level I could trust Mr. Brodosi as a confidant, could respect him as an employer. I had never been involved in such a situation before. My former employers had always been absolutely professional, and I had only been involved in one romantic relationship for the past four years, since the age of 16. I was inexperienced and unsure of what to do. I began to respond in kind to Mr. Brodosi’s messages, although I had no intention of pursuing any kind of physical or emotional relationship with him.

At some point in late February, Mr. Brodosi phoned me at home. During this phone conversation, he directed me toward a web site which featured adult fiction of an erotic nature. He asked me to read a story aloud to him on the phone, and I complied. When I concluded, he said that he enjoyed it to the point of climax. Although it was untrue, I told Mr. Brodosi that I did, as well, because I felt as though that was what was expected of me. The e-mails continued, describing Mr. Brodosi’s private fantasies in which he and I were sexually involved. My thoughts and feelings on this situation continued to be mixed. I was still involved in my relationship with my first love, although we continued to have difficulties. Because of this, the attention that I received from Mr. Brodosi was an affirmation of my attractiveness as a person, and was something that I responded to. On the other hand, it also made me feel uncomfortable: since he was my supervisor and I had no real attraction to him, I did not wish to continue to speak with him as I would with a boyfriend. I told Mr. Brodosi on or about the 25 of February that it felt awkward to be involved in such a relationship, and his reply was, “Be sweet.” Between this date and March 7, 2000, I repeated this same complaint to Mr. Brodosi, and his reply was consistently the same. During this time period, he once again called me at home and asked me to read him an erotic story. He and I also kissed briefly once at work.

The uncomfortable situation intensified on March 7, 2000. Mr. Brodosi was flirting with me at work, and at one point asked me what color brassiere I was wearing. Later, he invited me to the production studio. When I joined Mr. Brodosi in the production studio, the lights were completely extinguished. He accosted me at the door, and again asked about my bra. I unbuttoned the top button of my blouse and pulled out my bra strap to show him the color. At that point, Mr. Brodosi pushed down on my shoulder blades, and I fell to my knees. His pants were unzipped, and his p***s exposed. He pressed his p***s to my mouth, and the pressure opened my mouth. I was completely shocked and allowed his p***s to remain there for a few seconds before I pushed away and left in tears. Mr. Brodosi apologized via e-mail, but I did not speak to him for several weeks. I was shocked and disgusted that he would go so far so brazenly. It was never my desire to have a physical or sexual relationship with Mr. Brodosi. He took advantage of my vulnerable emotional state to advance his own desires. I had (and have still) been intimate with only one man, and our sexuality was something that we both treasured. It was wrong of me to tolerate and respond to Mr. Brodosi’s advances in the first place, but Mr. Brodosi took it too far. I feel that it was his responsibility to not initiate a personal relationship with his employee, and to not pressure her to continue in it. I recognize that it was also my responsibility not to be involved in such a relationship, but in my defense, I would like to state that I was experiencing a great deal of emotional confusion and turmoil, and I certainly did not expect such an abuse of power. I feel that Mr. Brodosi has no right to be in a position of authority, and I ask the court to please ensure that he is never permitted to trifle with the life of another of his employees ever again.


USF Campus and Saint Petersburg.

Written by Dr. Catherine Wilkins:



This man sexually harassed, assaulted, and abused a female employee.


Warn your family and friends about this criminal.

Keep him away from you and your neighborhood.

Formerly employed by the University of South Florida

Drives a late 1980’s model light blue Nissan Pick-up truck

Last known address in the Gandy area of Saint Petersburg




Late feb

David strides into the dark room in the corner of the house. Sitting in a subservient way on the bed is Cat, hands clasped and head down, wearing leather bra and panties. In the game they are about to play, he is dominant. He affixes a collar around her neck to show his ability to control her and she trembles. He asks her if she wants this and she says yes, master. He takes silk scarves from a dresser, lashing her wrists in front of her, and then tying both wrists to the upper bed posts.

David moves around Cat, though not touching her. She thinks about what he is going to do and she can almost feel imaginary fingers touching her. He leans down and teasingly kisses her lips with just a very light touch. She is left wanting more, but is in no control of the fulfillments of her desires. He leaves the room for what seems like an eternity. She is worried that he has left entirely and struggles a little against her restraints. Finally he re enters the room and she realizes that he was just trying to test her patience and prolong her anticipation. It has worked.

Cat begins to get excited and mentally places the control of the situation in his command. He carries a bag, from which he removes several objects meant to cause both pleasure and pain. The first is leather cuffs meant to go around her ankles. He uses them to chain her ankles to the bottom posts of the bed. They chafe a little, but they prevent her from moving and give David complete control over the situation. He then takes a lighter from his bag and uses it to ignite a candle. Cat’s eyes have a look of anxiety in them as he raises the burning candle over her trapped body. He lets the hot wax drip on to her skin, all the way from her shoulders to her toes. She cries out and trembles as she feels the heat – it hurts, but it excites her. “Quiet!” he hisses, turns, and quickly finds another scarf to stuff in her mouth. Cat chokes a little bit on the fabric and her voice is stifled. More wax is dripped over her skin, and she bites down hard on the scarf. David then tells her to close her eyes, and removes a large feather from his bag. He turns to her and starts at her face to stroke her skin lightly with the feather. Cat cannot see, nor imagine what the sensuous, delicate touch is. She likes how it feels as it glides over the parts of her skin that are exposed and extra sensitive after having the wax fall so close by. She tries to peek but David sees her and yells at her to keep her eyes closed. She feels chills all over as the feather skims over her skin. It reaches her toes before starting back up her legs. She is writhing, trying to get free of her bonds, to end the torture of anticipation and the restraint of her sexual desires. Finally, with a wild twist of her head, she drops the scarf from her mouth and before David can stop her, she is screaming out “Oh yes, touch me, oh yes!” He tells her to be quiet, and threatens to stop completely if she does not control her impulses. Cat manages to stifle her spoken desires so that he will resume touching her with the feather. She imagines that it is a light touch caressing her in every spot but that where she desires it the most. Finally, she can no longer contain the build up of desire that wells within her. Biting her lip to keep from screaming out, Cat can merely whimper “MMM, mmmmmm” as the overload of sensation alone makes her o****m. “Bad girl!” David reprimands her. He knows what has just happened to her. “You will have to be punished for that.”


Early March

Lying on a bed in a dark room, prepared for sleep, Cat hears a noise. She lifts her head to discover its origin and to her deep shock, sees a man standing in the doorway staring at her. Completely ashamed of her nudity and also very afraid, she vainly attempts to cover herself. She is too surprised to speak. The man utters a low grunt and strides quickly toward her bed. “No !” she cries, thrusting her palm towards him, willing him to stop coming. 

Ignoring her protests, he continues advancing and in a second stands beside her bed. She curls her body into the fetal position and whimpers in fear, which has taken over any consciousness of her own nudity. “No please, please…” she implores him. The man is not so easily dissuaded by her entreaties and taking her arms roughly, pulls them apart and pins them to the bed beside her head. She screams and begins struggling, unable to believe that this is happening to her. She becomes uncovered and exposed as she fights and writhes, her torso twisting from side to side. She starts flailing her legs in desperation so the man responds by jumping astride her stomach where he can control her better. He lets go of one hand, raises his right arm and gives her a strong slap on the cheek. She is temporarily stunned into silence until the shock subsides and the pain takes over, and she begins crying loudly. Tears stream down her cheeks, one of which is pale with fright and the other bright red from the man s blow. The man smiles cruelly at her tears, obviously enjoying and being further aroused by them. Her sobs increase in volume but his excitement only mounts. He bends forward and kisses the tears on her cheek, the one he struck. She flinches at this contact and annoyed, her hits her face again. This brings forth a fresh torrent of tears from the despairing woman. The man’s only response is a harsh laugh. 

He reaches behind him into the back pocket of his jeans, withdrawing something shiny. It is a pair of silver handcuffs, their clasps unlocked. Taking one of her hands in his, he fastens one cuff around her small wrist and clicks the ratchet mechanism shut tight, pinching her wrist painfully in the process. A cold sweat breaks out over her body at her predicament, making her look shiny and sleek. With her free hand, she tries to scratch the man’s face but misses. Angered, he catches her other hand and fastens the handcuff roughly. She stops struggling, but the man is too excited to notice. Chained by her wrists to the bed, she is scared and frustrated. 

She is kicking and one of her feet strikes him a blow and this makes him more furious. He sits on his haunches, imprisoning her calves. She is exposed and has no control over the situation; he laughs at her and begins to undo the belt fastening his jeans. “No, please, don’t, I can’t…” she implored tearfully as she understood what he intended to do to her. She twisted her head violently from side to side as soon as she saw his p***s.

He forces her legs apart through sheer strength, ignoring her pleas. Gripping her hips firmly, he pushes hard and penetrates a short distance. The woman screams in agony as he pulls on her for leverage. Soon he has neared his climax and withdraws his p***s from her.  The man grunts as he comes all over her belly, which is quivering with fear.  He stands before her, smirking as he watches her recover from the shock of her experience.

Loathe to admit it, Cat realizes the familiarity of some of the feelings she had just experienced.  That tingle she had felt on other occasions when she had touched herself was there.  She realized with horror that she was actually turned on and about to have an o****m in front of this man.  He stood at her feet laughing at her as she tried to conceal what was happening, but all she could do was moan with her teeth clenched – “MMmmm, mmmm” – at the awful pleasure she was experiencing. As she finished and lay there completely ashamed, trying to hide her face and body, he uncuffed her and disappeared into the night.


Home – USFSP at Nelson Poynter Memorial Library

David Brodosi (Associate Director, Online Learning & Instructional Technology Services)

Policy 0-004: Sexual Misconduct/Sexual Harassment (Including Sexual Violence)
Category: Harassment Policies
School: University of South Florida
Statement Rating: Yellow
Last updated: May 14, 2019
Relevant excerpt
The following actions are prohibited:

1. Sexual harassment, including sexual violence, by or between any faculty member, staff, or student, including individuals of the same s*x, in all academic, educational, extracurricular, athletic, and other programs of the University, whether those programs take place in University facilities, at a class or training program sponsored by the University at another location, or elsewhere.

6. Gender-based harassment, which may include acts of verbal, non-verbal, or physical aggression, intimidation, or hostility based on s*x or s*x-stereotyping, even if those acts do not involve conduct of a sexual nature.

Examples of prohibited conduct include, but are not limited to:

Requesting or coercing sexual intercourse or sexual favors, or attempting to or actually engaging in a sexual assault or sexual battery.
Inappropriate and unwelcome sexual attention or touching, including–but not limited to–leering, patting, fondling, pinching, and attempted or actual kissing.
Making actual or implied threats to impede or interfere with employment or educational opportunities or benefits for failing to agree to or engage in sexual activity.
Making actual or implied promises of an employment or educational opportunity or benefit in exchange for sexual activity.
Inferring or displaying favoritism that benefits or adversely affects another based on sexual involvement or a sexual relationship.
Making sexually explicit or suggestive gestures or sounds.

Sexual Harassment (which includes sexual violence) is any of the conduct below:

Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other verbal, nonverbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature when: … Such conduct is sufficiently severe* or pervasive so as to alter the conditions of, or have the purpose or effect of substantially interfering with, an individual’s work or academic performance by creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working or educational environment. This may include off-campus acts of sexual harassment, including sexual violence, that have effects on campus which may contribute to a sexually hostile environment.

*In Title IX cases involving students the standard is whether the conduct is sufficiently serious that it interferes with or limits a student’s ability to participate in or benefit from the University’s program.

David Brodosi (Associate Director, Online Learning & Instructional Technology Services)

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