Posts made by Darren Ambler when he was High and in the state of Psychosis -Cherry Hill- NJ:

Additional Information concerning Darren Ambler-Cherry Hill NJ: (Darren being obsessed with the Internet he has spent enormous amounts of time on various web sites making insane- ranting-angry and convoluted postings: which only serve to EXPOSE Darren and his lifestyle even more:

A Northern NJ Cop upon reading some of this stuff said “these postings sound like a raging crazy man wrote them”

Of course Darren Ambler would flatly deny writing and.or Posting these rambling- angry- insane postings: But let him deny everything- We can prove beyond any doubt the sociopath – nut s*x addict and drug addict wrote every word of it: (what a scum bag/ can you imagine anyone who uses filthy vulgar language such as this raising kids??) I think da da is a scum scum. It is clear Darren reacted angrily because he knows he is ugly with no appeal or personality.

That is why he chose to bash Angela- just like he did to Megan Watermute/Bentzley and others. Darren says Angie will do anything for free (meaning sexual)- I am sure Darren Ambler took advantage of anything free because he is a BIG TIME Cheap Skate. I remember every-time we saw one another that Darren always dressed Shabbily with no style- ugly sneakers etc…Of course that was when Darren had clothes on. Usually he would strip within a minute and start ordering his obedient s*x slaves to service him: Believe me with a body like Darren’s he should wear clothing at all times to prevent embarrassing himself. Sometimes it was hard to control laughing at Darren and his Body. One time I laughed so hard after he stripped- i ended up wetting myself and getting stomach cramps. For laughing at Darren, he smacked my face- grabbed my neck and began calling me horrible filthy names that i never even heard before.
Cheater (web-site)

ANGELA M Parsons Brick NJ: (User name/used by Darren Ambler for posting ):

DEC-23-2017…………………………..Darren Ambler wrote……….

This nasty a*s BULLDOG looking W***E is MARRIED to GEORGE PARSONS from BRICK NJ the PIG will do anything for FREE the SCUM BAG W***E has 3 daughters and the W***E F****D there men well ANGELA PARSONS hope you enjoyed tasting my P***Y when you were SUCKING my HUSBAND JOE PATTERSONS D**K you both can go to H**L…………………………………

*Another very classy post by Darren Ambler made on December 22-2017/again the low-life is bashing and degrading Angie. This time Darren used George Parsons as his user name/ Darren Ambler has a lot of nerve claiming the poor baby was slandered and mistreated. What about the slander that comes out of his mouth about Angie? Guess that doesn’t count:

The Million Dollar Question? If Angie is such a low down sleaze well then why was Darren Ambler involved with her in the first place. I am assuming most respectable- moral- and intelligent men wouldn’t touch Angie with a ten foot pole? Right? How come Darren willingly pursued her and screwed her? Could it be Darren is a low life lying scum bag that is so desperate he will “Bang” anyone he can get. I think the simple answer is “YES”.

More Proof of S*x addiction/ sexual obsession: I am afraid “Deranged” Darren really backed himself into a corner this time with these publications: Believe me- Darren is a total “FLOP” or “Disappointment” in the bedroom. All the Ladies I spoke with all agree on that point. By being a Bed Hopping Crum – Darren embarrassed himself terribly. Darren has “Zero-Zilch” looks- a Underdeveloped Body”- and of course a micro sized ding dong”! There was nothing “Masculine” or “Appealing” about Darren Ambler. He is Gross with a Capital “G”! If Angie looks like a Bull-dog then Darren Ambler resembles one of the Apes from “Planet of the Apes”! I often wondered what his kids look like. It would be tragic if Darren’s kids inherited his looks. Maybe the kids got lucky and they look like his former wife. Who knows what she looked like?

GEORGE PARSONS (User name/used on web-site):

December 22, 2017 at 5:35 pm Reply….Darren Ambler wrote…………

ANGIE PARSONS is the biggest w***e in bricck NJ married 3 times cheater 100 times over watch out for this nasty a*****e looks like a bulldog and smells like a d**k.

(*If Angie smells like a d**k well then we should mention Darren’s rotten garbage breath: It is so bad that every time Darren exhales he is releasing toxic and highly flammable fumes into the ozone.)

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  1. Darren is a b***h disguised as a sissy and will f**k any tramp who will have him. He’s so stupid he complains that he kissed a woman whose breath smelled like d**k and then he f****d her and kissed her some more before she dumped him and he started bashing her breath, he wants her to blow him another kiss.

  2. Steph- I can not agree with you more. Do you know Darren Ambler personally? He is a sissy and a coward. At times I remember he would frighten very easily and he would act like he was ready to cry and his voice would get higher than usual. But at the same time he can be very abusive- foul mouthed and threatening. He used or uses women for s*x only. Like they are objects. He clearly has serious mental problems. But he is dangerous because he is spreading std’s and appears to usually get away with his bad behaviors. I can not believe someone so crazy an ugly can really think his behavior is right or normal. I am sure he doesn’t know too many normal people. How could he have any friends? who would be weird enough or desperate enough to be his friend? I have many regrets and made many mistakes. But this mental case thinks he is right and the world is wrong and against him. Which i know is a sign of mental illness.

  3. These text messages or whatever they are really give you insight into the mind of a seriously disturbed person. I agree he is sexually disturbed but that is not all. This guy has a great many issues going on inside his mixed up head. I am in full agreement that this kind of disturbed person will never change. He is too far gone in the head to want to change. Being that said- put on your best running shoes and get as far away as you possibly can from this Narcissist- Psychopath. That is all you can do. If you choose to interact or G*d forbid become involved with him then I guess you Deserve exactly what you get. This Darren tries to break a person down psychologically and make them think that they need him (mind control). Then he makes his sexual moves. He is very Dangerous. lets face it look at his photo- He is Gross with a capital “G”- Plus all the horrible and abusive things he has done. Lastly- how can you discount his Horrible and possibly Toxic breath? AVOID THIS PERSON AT ALL COSTS:

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