Pamela Dean — Dayton, Ohio

Pamela is known as a wheelchair w***e. I dated Pamela for 3 months and things were going pretty well I thought. I was introduced to her by a mutual friend of both Pamela and me. We had a pretty good relationship for most of that period. About the end of the the third month of us dating, her mom called the police and reported that I had raped her 13 year old daughter. I went to court and the charges was dropped because her mom had lied. A friend of mine had looked into Pamelas going on and was told by people that knew Pamela that Pamela was actually 31 years old. Even though the original charges were dropped, the state had filed a new charge of rape and sleeping with a handicap person. I sat 6 and a half months in the Montgomery county jail waiting on the new charge before I went to trial. When I finally had my case heard Pamela was caught in so many lies, including that I had stuck my * in her *** and that she had lost control of all her bows, she also said that I was jacking off while I was fixing her some Hamburger helper. Her attorney looked at Pamela and told her that she had not told Detective Nancy Clueless that. She was balling so badly that she could had gone through a whole box of Kleenex. She lied to the Court saying that she was totally paralized, and that she could not use her arms or legs, but she could get out of her chair to give a in exchange for a beer, and let a guy **** her in the *** for a joint. She is not totally crippled she lied she does have use of her arms and legs, even though she has Cerebal Palsy she can dress herself and bath herself. The reason she filed charges against me is I had broke up with her when I found out that she is nothing but a *****. The reason why I am typing this report is to warn men out there that if Pamela tries to get their **** sucked by her or have **** *** with her to be prepared to spend six months in jail like I had to. I was found not guilty on the charges that could had sent me to prison for a long time. Don’t let her fool you, all she is doing using men to be able to get her weed, s*x, beer and food in exchange for sexual favors, then filing rape charges against the guy.

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