NIkki Allman, Seymour, Indiana. Cheater!

Nikki Allman works at Rails in Indiana and she is Cheating on her man Rueben Nehrt with a guy she works with!!! Don’t let her Good girl look fool you!

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  1. Nikki Allman, is cheating on Rueben Nehrt with some guy at work, Rails, in Seymour, Indiana. She’s Cheater!
    She has good girl look but don’t be fooled by that, she’s most likely playing it safe while cheating, she still gets her bread buttered at home with Rueben Nehrt. He probably already knows but since she earns more than him and he’s shy around women, he doesn’t want her to leave just yet. As long as she washes up before she comes home and doesn’t smell like his cologne and doesn’t taste like his nut, things can continue as they are until the weather gets warmer and he can kick her to the curb.
    Now he should know, since his exposure to crabs and syphilis and AIDS and Hep C and gonorrhea are all possibilities, for his own protection. Not to mention, he might be cheating on her as well, and it would be nice if his tramp knew too, limiting the spread of one anothers’ contagion.

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