Narcissists are always abusers because it’s all about them and they inherited the old sociopath name but it’s the same line of work. The one I know lives in Austin, TX has the initials of RCD and is a classic piece of trash. No matter how much you do for him, or others like him, it will never be enough and they always end up hurting you. If you believe you are involved with a Narcissist run, do not walk, to the nearest exit. They never leave you with good feelings. Never. The traits are 1) lying 2) blames you for everything 3) sense of they deserve everything good 4) they isolate you 5) jealousy which is really about control 6) demeans and belittles you. Never fails. You will never be good enough for a person like this. I wish I had known about this dangerous personality type before I met him. He, typically, is moaning how I am mean and hateful. Ummm, no. He is. Abusive and feels he is above treating another with dignity and respect. All of them act this way. It’s like some factory turns these monsters out in droves.

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