Michael Mendelsohn | Fake, Pervert and Dishonest Producer

Over the last decade, fraud scandals, have increased the attention of the media and police. In simple words, fraud is defined as the intentional substitution, addition, tampering, or misrepresentation for economic gains. People like Michael Mendelsohn a financier living in Los Angeles former executive for the Entertainment division of Bank Paribas is a big example of fraud on the daily basis. He commits to finance film producers for projects while he does not have the funds but need to seek approval from a third party hedge fund that may or may not finally agree to make the deal negotiated and signed. Mendelsohn does not have the funds when he commits, execute term sheets and falsely represents to producers that the deal is done and valid. It is fraud. When the hedge fund that he borrows funds from does not want to proceed Mendelsohn simply drops the project, find an excuse, stop communicating leaving producers with agreement in hands powerless and in trouble. Sometime he renegotiates the deal completely with producers knowing they have little time left in front of them to fulfilled their commitment to actors and third parties involved in production. He also use his funding sources to impose a producer credit for himself while he does not perform producer activities. This is a fake film producer who fools peoples in order to make money and ego. He had fooled many peoples in his life for money and will continue until he is stopped by the authorities. That is why many who heard his name were abused by him.

On a recent production after depraving producers of hundreds of thousands of dollars from their very tied budget he filed a false insurance claim and prosecuted an American actor Al Pacino.

This started with the legend banning Mendelsohn from the set of the production when he was present because promisees and commitments were not delivered. Mendelsohn retaliated by going legally after Pacino and also by filling a false insurance claim to the production carrier for the reason that Mr Pacino, 79 years old, was just an hour late per day out of 12 hours day schedule for the shoot of the picture. The reason behind that was Mendelsohn paid 4 million dollars to secure the services of the actor and Mendelsohn felt much later after the facts it was too much. Wanted to renegotiate the deal with Pacino’s representatives which was impossible so used the false insurance claim to get a fraudulent compensation. Micheal Mendelson asked the director and others to testify against Al Pacino for the insurance lawsuit. But they refused.
This film was awarded the worst ranking on Rotten tomatoes ever. Zero, lost a lot of money and we wonder why the hedge fund did not cut its ties to this con man.

Mendelsohn is also a pervert when it comes to disrespecting women. During the production of the film I am Wrath, an actor-writer has an aggressive s*x event with an actress which was covered by Michael Mendelsohn. The fake producer tolerated this actor-writer actions until the actress called out the union and police. Then to avoid a scandal and production to stop further Mendelsohn asked for the writer actor to leave the production. ….after he finished shooting his scenes.

This incident indicates what a fake, pervert and dishonest person he is.
In order to stop this man from fooling others we must take a step forward and develop an experiment that will force him to think hundred times before fooling people.

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  1. Michael Mendelsohn is such a fictitious man that he is doing deceptive insurance claims for production to intent to collect supplementary revenues for himself. He has done this with, many others. But recently, he has done it with an American star who is playing a lead role in the movie Hangman. He often takes advantage of decent peoples. Peoples meeting him wishes to never meet him again. There is none that would be heeded. Michael Mendelsohn has a vision but he is an immature child in a man’s body who is always greedy about money.

  2. Fraudulent production loans for films. He signed agreements with producers and changes the terms 2 days before the signature of the production loan to take more money for himself and his partner a hedge fund

  3. Michael Mendelsohn is defrauding the US government with a tax scheme where he on purpose report major losses on films to deduct from his revenues taxable

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